tvd : 5x15

Well, what tell about 5x15?

There’s a lot of stuff actually.. But I can’t find only one good thing about it.
Firstly, I can forgive nadia’s death, that was heartbreaking, but such a beautiful scene with my kitten katherine crying.
But what they did to Katherine was awful. I’ll never forgive it.
Maybe she isn’t inocent, but she hasn’t deserved all that.
I hate the way she died I knew it, I told it, I said that I was sure her daughter will die, she will die to, and I was sure she’d die kill by Stefan, but knew it, but I was hopping I was wrong because today I only can feel like I was dead too, I feel pissed off, sad, choqued an angry.
The writers don’t like when people tell them to die? But doing this they actually killed a part of me!
They destroy everything I liked, Katherine : they don’t just killed her, no, they destroy her character and even after death they made her go to hell.
They killed Nadia, and destroyed my OTP, Steferine. And I loved Stefan so much, after what he did, I still love him, I’ll always do, but I’m very angry.
I know they’re is no hope for my OTP but it will be always my OTP because of 2x04 memory lane they were so close and in love in flashbacks.. And the last scene..
I think I’ll watch the next episode, but that would never be the same exept if she come back… Plus, now there’s not Katherine to flirt with Stefan, I’m sure he’s gonna be with Caroline, ugh, I hate Steroline..
Let me cry forever now.

TVD 5x12

Sorry for my bad english :

In a way I liked it in an other way I hated it..

Omg, Katherine was awesome, when she saw Tyler and told about Klaroline hook up I was like “omg she’s a bitch.. aaah I love her!” But Elena is she really dead? I don’t think so, the writters would never kill “their princess”

I was sad for Damon, really, but, finally, that doesn’t matter, bc that wasn’t Elena, they will be together, I’m sure! And I love Denzo!

I’m so scared bc I’m pretty sure they will be Steroline and I hate it, there is so no chemistery! I’m no annoyed bc I want Stefan and Katherine together again, they’re like made for each other, complementary, but I’m sure Julie Plec hate Katherine so Steferine and i’m sure she’s Steroline, I’m so angry now.

But if as always Katherine has everything she wants, she will have Stefan I mean he is her “one true love” right? And I think deep down, she is his own too.